Baby Showers are back on the horizon!

The excitement of a new baby on the way, especially a first-born, really deserves celebration. It’s the perfect occasion for close friends and relatives to literally shower the mum to be with love, advice and beautiful gifts. And after the last year of lockdown, these events are going to be even more special than before!

But what to give? What baby shower gift can you buy that ticks the boxes for both baby and expectant mum – also let’s not forget the dad-to-be! Many baby showers are now co-ed affairs, with partners there to share the fun as well.

If your mum-to-be has made up a ‘baby shower gift list’ then this is one organised lady. Your problem may be solved by choosing an item from her list. Be assured in the majority of cases, the large, expensive and essential gifts such as cot, pram, changing table etc are fought over by future grandparents and close relatives.

Friends and colleagues usually like to give something really useful or unusual or something the parents wouldn’t buy for themselves. Here is our edit of the best baby shower gifts that are guaranteed to meet with parents-to-be approval.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts

Best loved is something practical but with sentimental value. And our unique keepsake cases fit the bill perfectly. These stylish cases are a great way to store baby mementos such as cards, photographs and clothing. They look beautiful displayed on a shelf in the nursery, and are a handy way for parents to reminisce about those precious baby days as the years go by. Each case comes with a leather luggage tag to record baby’s birth details, and they can be purchased individually or take a look at our baby gift box sets.


Other baby shower gifts with sentimental value could be treasured items handed down through generations; a blanket or shawl perhaps with a history. Or something handmade like a little knitted cardigan or hat always feels special because of the care and time it has taken to make the gift.

A gift voucher for a local Spa, to spend quality time together pre-baby, is a great way to spoil parents-to-be. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to spa vouchers, treating mum to a little bit of relaxation with an indulgent pamper kit for those final months of pregnancy is perfect. Check out our Mum To Be Pamper Set, which includes tummy butter, bath soak, a gentle cleaning bar and body wash.

Including a small treat for parents is always well received. From a fun mug announcing their new mummy status to a gorgeous box of truffles, or even a bottle of (non alcoholic) sparkling wine that the mum-to-be can enjoy at her baby shower; these all make great additions. Take a look at our fabulous gifts for parents here. The fact you’ve thought of them too will be appreciated!

If you know the name of the baby then a personalised gift is ideal for a baby shower. Especially something practical like a personalised bodysuit or bib. Parents love personalised baby gifts. Receiving a gift emblazoned with the name you have carefully chosen for your child is always special, and more than likely will be kept as a baby keepsake once it has been outgrown.

If you like buying something cute and practical, choosing a clothing set is for you. Babies grow fast, and you really can’t have too many changes in the first 6 months. The best clothing sets come with everything you need to dress baby in top-to-toe comfort – bodysuit, onesie, hat, bib and mittens. Take a look at our matching 5-piece clothing ranges here. They look absolutely adorable on too. Cue the Instagram pics!

Blankets and muslins also make wonderful baby shower gifts. And the lovely thing is, they will be used for months, even years. Muslins are one of those gifts you don’t fully appreciate until you start using them. These large squares of cotton can be used for swaddling, shading, wiping, burping, covering when feeding and more. They really are the gift that keeps on giving – the ultimate parent essential! And they come in a variety of modern prints too.

Milestone cards are a lovely gift and are used to record the new baby’s progress from first smile to first steps. Photographs of the baby with these cards are a wonderful way to record memories, and are usually shared. You’ll see your gift in action over a full year!

Something fun for baby, like a soft plush toy or a teething toy makes an excellent gift with the ‘awww factor’. Especially a cute rattle that is perfect for little hands or a larger toy that will become a favourite friend as the child grows. Our Gigi giraffes, Snuggly Bunnies and Cuddly Bears are suitable for 0+ and make beautiful baby shower gifts. It’s so lovely for parents too, placing the toy in the nursery when they get home from the baby shower, and then months later, seeing their child playing with their gifted toy. It’ll always remind them of you. See our selection of soft & snuggly baby toys here.

A gift that takes care of newborn skin is really thoughtful. Keeping baby’s skin soft and hydrated can be difficult with cradle cap and dry skin often developing in the first few weeks. You can’t go wrong with a natural range of baby skincare such as Love Boo. Their formulations are gentle, hydrating and smell absolutely divine! Parents and baby will thank you for this one.

If you’re attending a baby shower for baby number 2, 3, 4 or even 8, please don’t forget a little something for the siblings. They may even be at the shower and would be over the moon to be included in the baby shower gift. Not only will parents love the fact you have included the older child/ren, it helps in the future bonding process with the new baby. The ‘left out’ factor can be avoided by the inclusion of some small but meaningful gift such as a Big Brother or Big Sister badge. Or a gift the sibling can enjoy playing with while everyone is talking about the new hot topic! Take a looks at our sibling gifts here.

No matter what gift you choose to give at a baby shower you will also need a baby shower card. Little Bundle Box includes a Free Baby Shower Card printed with your personal message in every gift box set purchased. Gift and card, in one impeccably wrapped bundle! Just imagine the faces as your mum-to-be unwraps the layers of tissue and ribbon to reveal her (very well thought out) beautiful baby shower gift.