Two questions people are bound to ask once you’ve informed them of your pregnancy are: a) Do you know the sex of your baby? And b) Have you thought of a name yet? Finding and agreeing on a suitable name/s takes a bit of time and research. It should also be a fun and exciting thing to do – naming the new little life you are bringing into the world. Don’t worry if you are well into the 3rd semester and still undecided. Some couples actively choose to wait until after the birth and then decide from a shortlist of names to see what suits their newborn. If you don’t wish to know your baby’s gender until your baby is born then you will have to consider names for both boy and girl. Double the fun!

You may already have a shortlist of boys and girls names with perhaps some family maternal or paternal choices thrown into the mix. However, if like the majority of us, you don’t know where to begin, here are some pointers.

Consider your child’s ‘playground future’. Children often ask their parent/s why they chose their particular name. This is often a precursor to …’I hate my name!’ Especially if he/she is on the receiving end of some recent name teasing. You may even have been that child who could not understand what possessed your parents – and determined not to make the same mistake with your own. It would be awful if the name you spent weeks lovingly deliberating upon subsequently becomes an embarrassment for your child. For instance some newborns were actually named: Colon. L’Oreal, Appaloosa, Abstinence, Jammy, and Billion!

When making a decision on a name, think carefully how it will sit on your child as they grow up. A cute name when a baby or toddler might not sound professional in the workplace when they hit their 20’s.

Always test the full name by saying it out loud and remember it can sound dramatically different with certain local dialects.

Looking up the meaning of a name can also waiver your choice. Did you know the name ‘Deirdre’ means sorrowful and ‘Alastor’ means tormentor!











Ask yourself –

1. Does the choice of first name sit with my surname?
We have all heard of some unfortunate person whose parents didn’t think it through properly. For instance – ‘Annette Curtain’, ‘Doug Graves’ ‘Penny Bunn’ and ‘Olive Garden’ are a few regrettable ones.

2. Would I be happy with a name that is likely to be shortened or changed? For example ‘Benjamin’ shortened to ‘Ben’ and ‘Benjy’, or ‘William’ shortened to ‘Will’ and ‘Willie’ or changed to ‘Bill’ or ‘Billy’. Some parents name their child the full name but proceed to call their child by an abbreviation. If you do choose a name such as ‘William’ for instance and want him to be called by that name, be prepared as there will always be those who will automatically use a shorter term. As your child grows he may prefer one of the nicknames too.

3. Am I under pressure to use a family name?
Sometimes family influences can sway you off course. My advice – never agree to using a relative’s name if you really do not like it as it will end in regret. Opting to using family names for middle names can offer some flexibility in this minefield area.

4. Is it a good idea to use Celebrity Names?
It depends on your point of view but rule of thumb is that most celeb names have a shelf-life. If you go down the celebrity route, your child may also be forever linked to the icon, especially something stand out like ‘Beyonce’, which they may or may not like. However there are many celeb names also in general usage such as ‘Ariana’ (Grandes) or ‘Emma’ (Stone) and ‘Brad’ (Pitt).

Names Currently Trending

Who would have guessed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have chosen to give their baby boy a first name like Archie? Love it or hate it, this name is certainly different and not to be found in the top 10 baby name lists prior to his birth. Archie means “genuine”, “brave” or “bold” and is originally derived from Archibald, once very popular in the UK. His full name Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor certainly has a nice ring to it.

Here at Little Bundle Box we have been asked to personalise gifts with some beautiful and unusual names which included: Nixon, Aiden, Yanni, Arvin, Teddy, Otis, and Jensen for boys and, Minty, Miska, Indy, Ari, Rayne, Sage, and Willow for girls.

Popular Names 2019

Popular baby names can be found easily by searching online for the latest polls. Websites like have up to date information. However, you may also find your child could be one of several ‘Olivia’s or ‘Liam’s’ for example at your mummy and baby group!
The first 6 most popular girls and boys names according to one poll in 2019 are:

1. Olivia    
2. Emma
    3. Ava
    4. Sophia
    5. Isabella
    6. Amelia

1. Liam
    2. Noah
    3. Elijah
    4. Oliver
    5. Lucas
    6. Mason

Names On The Decline

Some names inevitably go out of fashion. Today you will find very few ‘Betty’s’ or ‘Mabel’s’ which seem very old fashioned by today’s standards. However, there is also a decline on names that only a few decades ago were very popular such as:

1. Susie
    2. June
    3. Nadine
    4. Roberta
    5. Joyce    6. Karen

Or boys:

1. Gordon
    2. Jeffrey    
3. Ian
    4. Russell    
5. Morris
   6. Stuart


As with anything else, names that go out of fashion are sure to make a comeback in the future. It will be interesting to see which names top the polls of 2020. Perhaps Archie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s baby’s name will be right at the top!