Sometimes as a parent, you can feel like you’re running around like a headless chicken trying to attend to everything but not achieving everything you wanted to anyway. So if that’s you, and you want to remain cool, calm, collected, but most importantly organised, here are some tips from Little Bundle Box on how to do this cost-effectively.

Gather together regularly

If you want everyone to know what’s what and what’s required of them, then it’s helpful to gather everyone together regularly (especially if you have teenagers) to ensure that everyone in the family is on the same page. Furthermore, encouraging every family member’s input is beneficial as everyone has an opportunity to have their voice heard regarding their likes and dislikes and what they want to achieve from these meetings. Setting reminders on an app to keep the whole family involved and engaged with things like schedules, chores and allowances, can keep everyone on track and the household running smoothly. Furthermore, most apps like Nipto: Split Chores or Homey are free to use and help keep everyone on track with their to-dos.

Schedule meal plans

If cooking healthy, nutritious meals is time-consuming for you, then why not look up nutritious meal plans online to help cut your meal planning and preparation time in half? Apps such as Eat This Much or Mealtastic Family Meal Planner are free to use and help make life a lot easier for you as you don’t have to think about or plan meals daily – which can easily put you in a tizz if you don’t have much time.

Utilise a simple calendar

If you prefer a more practical approach, then utilising a simple calendar might work out best for you and your family. Moreover, by color coding it, you can highlight which family member is responsible for what and what day. This is a simple yet highly effective way of keeping everyone in the loop just by taking a glance at the multicolored calendar every once in a while.

Don’t fret about paperwork

If organising important documents such as your children’s medical or schooling history is not your strong suit, then you may want to consider digitizing all this important documentation instead of stressing yourself out trying to file and organize these manually. With a PDF converter, you can photograph or scan all these documents, save as PDFs and store on a cloud. You can even rotate a PDF using the rotating tool if the documents should scan out of order so that you can rearrange these documents in the correct order again.

Have everyone take a turn at chores

One way to get your home tidied up and organised is to ensure everyone has their turn to do a certain (age approriate) chore that will help reduce the continual workload of laundrey and packing the dishwasher for example. It also teaches children how to do those basic but necessary tasks in life.

Use your available time more wisely

Breaking your day into more manageable segments is a good option if tackling everything all at once seems too overwhelming to do. So, even if it’s just fifteen minutes a day, you could make the most of these small amounts of time to do something productive in the home. And soon, you’ll begin to notice a big change around the house as these smaller efforts add up over time.

Regarding organising your household, it is worthwhile to seek out all your options, technology or otherwise, to help make life a breeze at home and not a stressful affair.


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